We're SOOOO happy to hear that you're interested in adopting!
Lots of animals, pets or otherwise, end up needing a home, and many need special attention.

When you adopt from GiGi's Therapy Farm and Rescue you can rest assured that we are here to help.

Be sure to get ahold of us if you have any questions about the care your new fur-baby needs.

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It's important you actually meet before committing, so please schedule a time to meet using the scheduler at the end of the application process.

Ranger is a small male whippet mix around 3 1/2 years old. He is up to date on his vaccines, he still needs to be neutered and he is heartworm positive. Ranger will be getting treatment for this but, he is still availble for preadoption. This poor guy has lived outside in the dirt his whole life and treasures all the love he can get. He is very afriad of men but we are trying to help him with his fears. He is just a little doll though!

This is Parker she is three years old, spayed and UTD. Super sweet dog! She was chained outside most of her life and really wants a good loving home!

This is Marco. He is an eight year old lab/airedale mix. He loves his humans but is scared of children and a lot of noise. He would be an absolute love for a retired person.


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